Adiabatic Quantum Computing Conference


The AQC 2014 Conference helps investigate adiabatic quantum computing, in which problems are encoded into the lowest energy ("coldest") state of a physical quantum system. Hosted at the University of Southern California, Imagine Web Consulting was asked to create a design that blended the vision of quantum computing with the spirit of USC.

Conference or event-related websites are a perfect opportunity to unleash the creativity of custom web designs. A custom design should bring together all the elements of an entity, whether that be colors, places, people, or other objects. We focused on helping visitors get a feel for the surrounding downtown Los Angeles landscape while bringing in familiar USC landmarks such as Tommy Trojan, Bovard Auditorium, and the Von KleinSmid Center tower. Fuse this with the boundless exploration of adiabatic quantum computing and you have the AQC 2014 Conference website.


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